How to Start a Personal Journal


People start personal journals for many reasons, and they're very worthwhile in helping you focus your thoughts and goals in life. In this article, I'll share some ideas and tips in starting a personal journal.

This is going to vary from person to person, but I try to be reasonable when it comes to picking out writing materials for journals.

I still have spiral-bound notebooks that are over 15-years-old from when I was a kid that are in good condition. They work fine as long as you pick one without perforated pages and use a dark-colored pen as opposed to a pencil or light ink. As my writing has changed however, I've switched over to hardback journals.

Got writer's cramp?

If you need some inspiration, try searching "personal journal prompts." You'll find wide variety of resources that are free.

If this is your first journal, consider taking a few pages to do some autobiographical information.

Later on you may want to pass on family history to your children and grandchildren or use it to write stories or even books.

If you're looking for an online option, is a good site that has the ability to set items you write to either public or private.

I like their site because you can access it from multiple locations (as long as there's an Internet connection) as opposed to accidentally leaving a journal at home. I basically do a combination of both.

What's very important in all of this is establishing a habit of writing as soon as possible.

When you get used to writing on a daily basis, it does become easier. It also helps you in venturing into writing for profit if that's a goal you'd like to have.

Tips and Warnings:

·  When I first started out, I didn't worry as much about spelling and grammar as much as getting my thoughts on paper. If it's personal and only something only you're going to read, you're going to get better at these naturally over time. Just don't let them keep you from enjoying the process.

·  Have fun with this. I used to think writing was a chore (mainly because of some teachers I had), but fortunately I also had teachers that showed how rewarding writing can be for your life.