The Hannaria Series: Out of the Gray

The Hannaria Series Novel 1: Out of the Gray

When an Earth-based terrorist group targets Hannaria’s Ambassador, two teenagers become entrapped in the conflict.

Alex Verin is the son of an Earth Independence Party representative and doesn’t want to follow his father’s path of political manipulation and corruption. Rica Miller is the adopted daughter of an engineer and nurse who later discovers she’s not human but Hannarian.

Alex must decide between his family loyalties and saving the life of an alien he’s been taught to fear and hate while Rica searches for the truth of what happened to her birth parents.

The Hannaria Series: Legacy

The Hannaria Series Novel 2: Legacy

In handling the aftermath of Kressler’s plot, Jernard learns a more violent segment of the EIP is filling the void in its leadership. A visit from an old friend leads to an alarming rescue mission.

Following his resignation from the EIP, Adam's life is threatened by his own father and former colleagues.

The Hannaria Series: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The Hannaria Series Novel 3: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Jernard enlists the help of Bill Dermott and Portia Roberts to investigate Michael Dermott’s past.

A Liozi attacks both EIP members and Jernard’s team on Earth, leading to an uneasy truce until the creature can be located.

The Hannaria Series: Something Like the Truth

The Hannaria Series Book 4: Something Like the Truth

When a group of serial arsonists begin to plague the planet, Hannaria’s Council accuses Jernard and his family of being connected with the group’s leader.
Councilman Acred interrogates Jernard about a similar set of events that happened on Earth in 2113.

Twisted Shorties I

Twisted Shorties I

From the inventive minds of the writers of the late, lamented website comes a book...

...a book of odd little stories, with fiction astonishing and intriguing, and yes even creepy. Flip the pages to find romance, sci-fi, fantasy or horror, and then turn into the lilt of poetry and the whimsy of a child’s tale.

We have twenty-three authors extraordinaire gracing the pages, writers who have come together in collaboration to pen words on paper and create brief, but memorable narratives.

The Hannaria Series: Where the Oasis Blooms

The Hannaria Series Book 5: Where the Oasis Blooms

After discovering Glaven is torturing Wynn for information, Michael Dermott weighs his own fears against making a rescue attempt.

Rica and Alex learn more secrets of their families' pasts while Rica's abilities continue to develop.

Twisted Shorties II

Twisted Shorties II

Back again, those writers from the late, lamented website are bringing readers another book of peculiarity, a second anthology full of poems and stories to please and entertain. Twisted Shorties II is packed with romance, sci-fi, fantasy and horror, and spills over with wonderful fiction and poetry that will intrigue and delight. This time around, fifty authors grace the pages, each one bringing a unique and engaging voice to charm readers. They will take you to other worlds, both in space and fantasy, send chills down your spine with tingling tales of horror, tug the heartstrings with poignant poetry and even sweep you off your feet with romance.

Series Craft 101

Series Craft 101

Based on the experiences of creating The Hannaria Series and teaching others through consultations and workshops, sci-fi novelist Patricia Gilliam offers a practical collection of tools, tips, and advice for constructing a multiple-novel story and creating a workflow system. Topics include character and setting development, plotting, series structure, and beginning author platform and educational resources. (Note: This book is intended to be a supplement to an overview writing guide. The author recommends Sol Stein's Stein on Writing.)


The Hannaria Series: Destiny

Destiny takes place one week before Jernard meets Alex Verin and Rica Miller.

Following a broadcasted interview about the station's progress, Jernard learns from Destiny's security director that their friend Charlie Miller has disappeared. Concerned he may have been captured by the EIP (Earth Independence Party), Jernard travels to Earth to speak with the last known person Charlie contacted--Dr. Lance Jacobs.

After saying goodbye to her father earlier that morning, Jacobs's daughter Lauren drives to work and discovers her lab has been ransacked. After multiple attempts to reach her father, she discovers he's missing, too.

The Silo Saga: Thaw

The Silo Saga: Thaw (Kindle Worlds)

In Silo 1, Hal discovers secrets about his past that lead him to be deep frozen. Carlton's role in Operation Fifty is revealed.

(Note: This story parallels the first section of Shift. It is highly recommended that you read Hugh Howey's Wool and Shift first to avoid spoilers to the main storyline.)

The Immortality Chronicles

The Immortality Chronicles

What if you could live forever? Defy death itself? Even now, scientific advances in regenerative medicine, life extension, cryonics, cybernetics, and in other areas have brought humans to the brink of solving life's final conundrum.

In this volume of the acclaimed ‘Future Chronicles’ anthology series, twelve authors imagine that uninterrupted journey, confronting not just how, but what it means when human life can continue indefinitely, invulnerable, immortal.

“The Immortality Chronicles” features stories by award-winning scientist and author E.E. Giorgi (Chimeras), Amazon bestselling author Will Swardstrom (Contact Window) and ten more of today's most visionary authors in science and speculative fiction.