Michael David Anderson Michael David Anderson

Horror and suspense novelist Michael David Anderson was born in Sevierville, Tennessee, in 1985. He spent his childhood years in Georgia and Tennessee. At the age of seven, Anderson began writing short stories, and in 8th grade he published his first poem "Dog," which he later included in Delusions of Grandeur & Illusions of Eloquence. He graduated from Karns High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 2003, and he possesses degrees in both Psychology and English. Anderson has published several books of poetry as well as a handful of short stories and a screenplay. He has published two novels, both of which are installments of the Teddy Dormer series: Teddy and Wake. In addition to writing, Anderson is an avid reader, gamer, and stand-up comic. He lives with his significant other, Heather Moira Green. Bandit, his dog, is a German Shepherd/Retriever mix and serves as a constant distraction from his writing.


Every November, The Office of Letters and Light (a non-profit group based in Berkley, California) hosts National Novel Writing Month.  The goal of the event is for writers to produce 50,000 words in 30 days--a great jump start for a full length novel project.  It's a great opportunity to learn new skills and meet writers in your local area.  Sign-up with the website is free and provides access to free resources and tools.

Nick Cole Nick Cole

Nick Cole is a former soldier and working actor living in Southern California. When he is not auditioning for commercials, going out for sitcoms or being shot, kicked, stabbed or beaten by the students of various film schools for their projects, he can be found writing books for Harper Collins.

Novelists, Inc (NINC) Online Guilde

Great overview guide with tips on running a business as an author, marketing and promotion, and entrepreneurship.

Patrice Fitzgerald Patrice Fitzgerald

Patrice Fitzgerald is the bestselling author of a number of books and short stories in the science fiction and speculative fiction realms. She's the Series Editor for the BEYOND THE STARS space opera anthologies, the first of which, "Dark Beyond the Stars," was released on August 24th, 2015... her birthday! Patrice is also an attorney with a background in intellectual property. She heads a boutique publishing company featuring mystery, romance, fantasy, and nonfiction books. She gives courses to those interested in self-publishing, and in April of 2016 she will be presenting the first Big Island (Hawaii) Writers Retreat and Conference.

Paul B Kohler Paul B Kohler

Paul began writing in 1998, shortly after the birth of his daughter. His first short story, Amy, was written in November of that year, but went unpublished until November of 2013. That was when Paul found the courage to publish. Aside from his Linear Shift series, a number of Paul's short stories have been included in anthologies. Amy, was included in "Something To Read On The Ride". Lookout Mountain and Gold Rush were both included in "Something For The Journey". His short story Alone has been submitted to another anthology, but has yet to be published. When not writing, Paul is hard at work in the field of architecture. He has been in the field of design since 1992, and loves what he does. He lives with his wife and daughter in Littleton, Colorado, where he was born and raised.

Pavarti K. Tyler Pavarti K. Tyler

Pavarti K Tyler is the author of Speculative Fiction and other Genre Bending novels. She is an artist, wife, mother and number cruncher. She graduated Smith College in 1999 with a degree in Theatre. After graduation, she moved to New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off Broadway.

Peter Cawdron Peter Cawdron

Peter is an Australian science fiction writer, specialising in hard science fiction. Hard science fiction is a misnomer as far as categories of literature go, as it sounds harsh and difficult to understand, but that is far from reality. Hard science fiction is simply plausible science fiction, fiction that is written in such a way as it conforms to the known laws of science, and that makes it more interesting, as there's no magic wand the protagonist can wave to get out of trouble. Peter's forays into hard science fiction could best be described as informative science fiction or enjoyable science fiction. Peter is a fan of such classic science fiction writers as Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Crichton and their influence on his style and story lines is readily apparent. You can follow Peter on Facebook or Twitter or find him posting some interesting tibit on his blog

Project Gutenberg

Founded by Micahel S. Hart, Project Gutenberg features over 36,000 free ebooks and thousands more through its partner sites.  In addition to many fiction classics that are out of copyright, there are a lot of historical and other nonfiction books that make great writing references.

Richard Gleaves Richard Gleaves

RICHARD GLEAVES is the composer, lyricist and playwright of Dorian, World and Time Enough, The Golden Days, Oswald on Ice, Omniscience and Adrenaline Junkie. He is winner of BMI's 2004 Harrington Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement, and is composer-in-residence for New Music New York. In collaboration with Guides Who Know, Richard is editor and composer of Monuments of Manhattan, a videoguide for Android devices.


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