Setting and World-Building Workbook

Like character creation, developing a believable fictional world is a process that becomes more defined with experience. If you're just starting out, however, planning your foundation will make the overall writing process a lot easier. This workbook contains twenty location templates, ten group templates, a series glossary, a timeline and history index, a section for series rules to maintain continuity, and prompts to help with brainstorming. For visual authors or stories that may require sets, there is space for sketches, maps, and layouts.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! A Superhero Anthology

Nothing captures the marvel of our inner-child like Superheroes.

Which of us hasn't dreamed of feeling the wind whipping through our hair as we fly through the air at unimaginable speeds? Who hasn't fantasized about using supernatural strength to quell the tyranny of a cruel, selfish leader?

Live vicariously through the Supers of today in all original, never before published stories from some of today's hottest authors.


Hal discovers secrets in Silo 1 that lead to him being deep-frozen. Carlton's role in Operation Fifty is revealed.

Author's Note: Republished with permission from Hugh Howey. It is recommended that you read WOOL and SHIFT prior to this story to avoid potential spoilers. While I tried to remain within the current series canon of WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST, characters and other story elements may be developed differently in the future.


Following a broadcast interview about Space Station Destiny's progress, Jernard learns his friend Charlie Miller has disappeared. Jernard travels to Earth to locate the last known person Charlie contacted, Dr. Lance Jacobs.

After saying goodbye to her father earlier that morning, Jacobs's daughter Lauren drives to work and discovers her lab has been ransacked. After multiple attempts to reach her father, she discovers he's missing, too.

Something Like the Truth

When a group of serial arsonists begin to plague the planet, Hannaria’s Council accuses Jernard and his family of being connected with the group’s leader.
Councilman Acred interrogates Jernard about a similar set of events that happened on Earth in 2113.