Superhero's Duty

Myth by Name.
Villain by Nature.
Hero by Choice.

A fight between a second-generation superhero named Red Bolt and a villain-for-hire named Icarus goes terribly wrong, resulting in the drowning deaths of three innocent civilians and orphaning a six-year-old boy.

Racked with guilt, Red Bolt visits Cameron Wilson at the hospital every night and won’t leave the boy’s side until he falls asleep.

Befriended by a night-shift nurse, the man in costume begins to disclose what really happened after the fight—and why he feels the deaths of Cameron’s parents and sister fall on his actions.

A superhero didn’t survive that night, and Cameron and the rest of the city aren’t out of danger.

A fascinating take on the superhero genre that flirts with ancient Greek culture and sets up a world in which the heroes and villains are sometimes just people trying to make a living. In a fast-growing genre, Patricia Gilliam’s foray into superheroes is entertaining, borderline epic, and a reminder that even in a world that is larger than life, characters with heart matter more than anything.

Jeff Cunningham

Rocking Space

Thirteen brand new tales from fantastic writers–both bestselling and freshly discovered–in this seventh collection from the BEYOND THE STARS series of space opera anthologies. Join these authors who are deep into… Rocking Space!

When an Earth-based terrorist group targets Hannaria’s Ambassador, Alex Verin must chose between his family loyalties and the life of an alien he’s been taught to fear and hate.On a journey to visit her adoptive father at Destiny Space Station, …

Out of the Gray
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    Extinguished Worlds: What Goes Around is now available in Kindle & Paperback formats.
  • Highlights from Fanboy Expo 2022
    My husband Cory and I had an awesome time at Fanboy Expo. I loved seeing local and regional friends, and I met a lot of wonderful new people, too. I’m looking forward to coming back next year and possibly visiting other cities where Fanboy Expo hosts events.